Blue Book | Standard E.21‑10 (10th edition)

Low-voltage Electrical Service

The Blue Book describes the characteristics of low-voltage electrical service and the technical requirements. This standard deals more specifically with permanent and temporary overhead or underground connections to the Hydro‑Québec grid, the installation or modification of electrical service entrances, and low-voltage metering, with many helpful illustrations.

Green Book | Standard E.21-11 (5th edition)

Low-voltage electrical service from distribution substations

This standard sets out the conditions for low-voltage electrical service from a distribution substation, for properties with a rated current at the service box of more than 600 amperes and less than or equal to 6,000 amperes. It contains all the information required to put in place or modify civil works and electrical installations, including prerequisites, time frames and conditions.

Red Book | Standard E.21-12 (3rd edition)

Medium-voltage Electricity Services

This standard sets out the conditions for medium-voltage electricity service. It applies to any application for service or any modification of an electrical installation that might either increase a customer's contract power or connected load or affect the power quality of the Hydro‑Québec grid.

Standard F.22-01 (3rd edition)

Electricity Metering for Medium- and High-voltage Installations

This standard defines the requirements and conditions governing the metering of medium- and high-voltage applications. It is meant for Hydro‑Québec personnel, licensed electricians, consulting engineers and equipment manufacturers. It also aims to facilitate relations between Hydro‑Québec and its customers when medium- or high-voltage electrical installations are installed or modified.

Standard F.22-01 [PDF 2.4 kB - in French only]

Characteristics and Target Values of the Voltage Supplied by the Medium- and Low-voltage Systems [PDF 894 kB]

This document describes the main characteristics of the voltage supplied by the Hydro‑Québec distribution system at the delivery point of medium- and low-voltage customers under normal operating conditions. It is for Hydro‑Québec customers and explains the various phenomena that influence power quality. It encourages customers to take the necessary steps to protect their equipment and reduce the potential impacts of disturbances.

Characteristics and Target Values of the Voltage Supplied by the Hydro‑Québec Medium- and Low-voltage Systems [PDF 894 kB]

Supplementary documents

Standard C.22-03

Exigences techniques relatives au raccordement des charges fluctuantes au réseau de distribution d'Hydro‑Québec (Connection of Fluctuating Loads)

This standard sets out the technical requirements for the connection of fluctuating loads to the Hydro‑Québec distribution system. The requirements are designed to control flicker and rapid voltage fluctuations.

Standard C.22-03 [PDF 2.4 MB - in French only]

Standard C.25-01

Exigences techniques relatives à l’émission d’harmoniques par les installations de clients raccordées au réseau de distribution d’Hydro‑Québec (Emission of Harmonics by Connected Customers)

This standard sets out the harmonics limitation requirements to be met by customer installations to ensure adequate quality of service for all customers.

Standard C.25-01 [PDF 2,4 MB - in French only]

Technical Requirements for Customer Facilities Connected to the Hydro‑Québec Transmission System [PDF 302 kB]

This document presents the minimum technical requirements for customer facilities connected to the 44 kV to 345 kV Hydro‑Québec transmission system and guidelines applying to the connection. This document was drafted following standards for end-user facilities by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

Emission Limits for Customer Facilities connected to the Hydro‑Québec Transmission System [PDF 739 kB]

This document sets out the emission limits and assessment methods for electrical disturbances caused by equipment in customer facilities connected to, or to be connected to, Hydro‑Québec transmission system. These limits apply to harmonic emissions, load or current imbalances, rapid voltage changes and flicker at the interface between a customer facility and the transmission system.