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Prescriptive Measures
Lighting, compressed air, variable-frequency drives (VFDs), water chillers, piglet nests and industrial refrigeration

November 5: You must use the new version of the Refrigeration software and the new version of PROSI. Changes were made to the calculation of financial assistance. A new version of the Participant’s Guide is also available below.

Details on these changes.

“When I upgraded some of our systems, I opted for solutions that would save money. I was able to benefit from financial assistance and reduce my electricity bill.”

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Submit a Project

  1. 1.Submit a document d’avant-projet [project outline form] before starting work

    The start date of a prescriptive measures project is either

    • The date on which the equipment is first ordered (purchase order or invoice showing date ordered) for eligible energy efficiency measures


    • The date on which the first contract was signed respecting work on eligible energy efficiency measures
  2. 2.Purchase and install equipment
  3. 3.Use PROSI (electricity savings and financial assistance calculation tool) to fill in the application by type of measure
  4. 4.Submit the workbook file, invoices and other supporting documents


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Financial assistance

Automated calculations of financial assistance based on the smaller of these two amounts:

  • 20¢/kWh (above market baseline)
  • a percentage of eligible costs (above standard installation)


Eligible customers

  • Any individual or corporation that owns, operates or occupies an industrial building in Québec associated with a goods-producing industry. Customers of municipal utilities and off-grid systems are also eligible.

Eligible projects

  • Any lighting project covered by PROSI or a piglet warmer project involving total financial assistance of at least $2,000.
  • Any compressed-air project covered by PROSI, which represents total financial assistance of at least $4,000.
  • Any other project covered by PROSI or by the Refrigeration project, which represents total financial assistance of at least $5,000:
    • Projects involving VFDs (max. 200 HP)
    • Projects involving water chillers (max. 200 tons)
    • An industrial refrigeration project.
  • The project must include one or more eligible prescriptive measures involving the same type of system. Projects carried out at the same address may be combined to reach the electricity savings threshold for each type of eligible system.
  • Submitted projects cannot benefit from financial assistance of more than $500,000 per project. This maximum is cumulative from November 5, 2012, to December 31, 2015.

Note : The Participant’s Guide takes precedence over the terms and conditions stated on this site.

Changes in new version of PROSI

Water cooling – For chillers with a cooling capacity of 200 tons or less
  • For any purchase and installation of new chillers, the minimum efficiency coefficients of CSA C743-02 (2002) now apply, not CSA C743-09 (2009).
  • The percentage of eligible costs used to calculate financial assistance has been reduced from 40% to 11%.
Compressed air
  • The maximum capacity of a replacement variable-speed compressor over 75 hp is 200 hp (instead of 300 hp).
  • If the capacity is over 200 hp, you can submit projects under the Retrofit and New Plant, Expansion or Addition of Production Line components, as long as they meet the eligibility conditions.
Variable-frequency drives (VFDs) – For ventilation systems or centrifugal pumps
  • The new version of PROSI takes into account new baseline costs. On average, they translate into a reduction of approximately 10% in financial assistance for new plants and an increase of approximately 6% in the case of retrofits.

Note: Rules and instructions respecting lighting projects are still the same.

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