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Innovation Projects – AVENUES

"I tried out an innovative business strategy that nobody in my field had ever used. The grants I received enabled me to test the effectiveness of my approach."

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    • Reduce the risks of experimentation
    • Assess whether your initiative is workable in a real context, test the capacity of the market to support it and determine the participation rate in a given area
    • Innovation projects that demonstrate electricity-saving potential become eligible for other programs in the Energy Efficiency Plan or may lead to the creation of new programs.

How to apply

  1. 1.Submit a project.
  2. 2.Sign an agreement.
  3. 3.Implement the project.
  4. 4.Submit progress reports and a final report.


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Financial assistance

  • 100% of the total cost of an unsolicited project, up to $500,000
  • 100% of the total cost of a project submitted in response to a request for proposals (max. depends on RFP)


Eligible customers

Any individual, company, government agency or nongovernmental organization that has a place of business in Québec and is one of the following types of Hydro-Québec customer:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Industrial (small or midsized company)

A consortium of partners may submit a proposal, as long as one of them is designated principal contractor. That partner will be Hydro-Québec's contact for subsequent dealings related to the proposal.

Eligible projects

Only projects that meet these criteria will be considered:

  • New technology, new approach or new application of an existing technology
  • Potential for considerable energy savings

Note: Innovation projects approved for AVENUES may not be submitted for another Energy Efficiency Plan program.

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