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Continuous measurement and electricity management

November 5, 2012. A new version of the Participant’s Guide and project proposal form is available below.
Obtain financial assistance to carry out an energy efficiency plan and to purchase and install permanent measuring instruments.

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Financial assistance and benefits


    • Develop an energy management plan consisting in a series of organizational, technical and behavioral measures
    • Identify potentially recurring electricity savings
    • Faster payback
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Submit a project

  1. 1.Submit a project proposal before starting work

    The start date of a continuous measurement and electricity management project is either

    • The date on which the equipment is first ordered (purchase order or invoice showing date ordered) for work to be done


    • The date on which the first expense is incurred (first contract signed) to have work done
  2. 2.Submit measurement and energy management plans
  3. 3.Start up the measuring equipment, take measurements continuously for two years, monitor indicators and carry out the energy management plan
  4. 4.Submit the annual report, the assessment of measures and other deliverables required


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Financial assistance

Per site or per industrial service contract

  • 50% of the costs of development and implementation of the electricity management plan (lasting at least 2 years), up to $50,000
  • 50% of eligible purchase and installation costs of permanent measuring instruments, up to $75,000
  • Cumulative maximum as of 2011: $125,000

Eligible customers may obtain financial assistance provided that they inform Hydro-Québec of the recommendations implemented after the project is carried out.


Eligible customers

  • Any individual or corporation that owns, operates or occupies an industrial building in Québec associated with a goods-producing industry that has an annual electricity bill of more than $750,000. Customers of municipal utilities and off-grid systems are also eligible.

Note : The Participant’s Guide takes precedence over the terms and conditions stated on this site.

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