Buildings Program – Institutional Customers

Catered Component

You may start work as soon as you have e-mailed your letter of intent to*

*This change will be reflected in the next version of the Participant's Guide.

With the catered component, the Program’s service offering is tailored to each project in order to meet the participant’s specific needs. The goal of this component is to improve the building’s overall performance in terms of electricity consumption.


  • Simplicity
    • Preliminary confirmation of financial assistance obtained quickly, in less than two steps
    • Assessment of the financial assistance provided for a group of buildings based on a model building
    • Recognition of market practices for calculating energy savings
    • Recognition of the ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1-2007 metering system
    • Recognition of proven meter-free technologies
  • Profitability
    • A financial contribution that substantially cuts capital costs right from the first year
      Energy efficiency Contribution
      Up to 10% 10¢/kWh
      More than 10%
      Up to 25%
      More than 25% 55¢/kWh
    • Lower long-term operating costs
    • A shorter payback period for your investment
    • Better competitive position
  • Accessibility
    • Customized services: appointment of an account manager and a technical advisor to help you with your requests for financial assistance
  • Environment
    • A boost for sustainable development through socially responsible investments
    • Optimal use of energy resources
    • Greater comfort for building occupants

Selected figures

  • 3,302 projects submitted since January 1, 2011
  • 505.3 GWh of energy saved
  • $35.4 million in annual electricity savings

Featured project

Rythme FM

See the project

Featured project

    • Client: Rythme FM
    • Activity sector: Office building, media
    • Contact: Aumont Sylvain, Cogeco Diffusion
    • Industry provider: Michel Turcotte, Aéro Mécanique Turcotte
    • Account manager: Denis Larivée, ÉnerCible
    • ÉnerCible technical advisor: Mathieu Asselin, ÉnerCible
    • Measure: Energy-saving cycle, area temperature adjustments, centralized controls for temperature management during business hours and for nighttime setbacks (heating), electronic thermostats, SRC regulator, triac, compressor with an EER greater than 11 and less than 12.2.
    • Area: 1,000 m2
    • Annual savings: 136,803 kWh
    • Estimated financial assistance: $10,475
    • Complete project fact sheet [PDF]


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