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Demand-side management

Demand-side management

Hydro-Québec’s demand-side management (DSM) measure is designed to encourage commercial and institutional customers and small and medium-sized industrial businesses to reduce their buildings’ power demand during Hydro-Québec’s winter peaks. This will enable Hydro-Québec to meet its customers’ energy needs at the best possible price.

Eligible customers

All Hydro-Québec customers with a communicating meter and whose electricity service contract is subject to Rate G, M, DM or LG.

Eligible projects

A project is eligible only if the estimated power reduction is at least 200 kW. Hydro-Québec reserves the right to reject a project if:

  • the estimated power reduction is less than 200 kW according to Hydro-Québec’s analysis of the power demand profile measured by project meters in relation to Hydro-Québec’s peak periods;
  • the estimated power reduction measured by project meters is equal to or less than 10% of the maximum demand registered by the same meters during the 2015–2016 winter period.

Participant’s undertakings

Performance Undertaking form (in French only)

  • All participants must send Hydro-Québec the completed Participating Customer or Participating Aggregator form when submitting their project. You are not required to achieve a specific reduction level during DSM events.

Implementing DSM measures

  • Hydro-Québec is not involved in implementing DSM measures. You have sole responsibility for this step.

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