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 Efficient technologies for cooking with electricity  


Three ovens in one!
The perfect combination for versatility: convection cooking, hot air (conduction) or steam cooking, or combination cooking (dry and most heat).



Bake, roast, cook au gratin meat, vegetables, rice, bread and pastry, or warm up pasta


  • Insulated enclosure
  • Heat produced by electric elements
  • Ovens sized to handle the quantity and type of food to cook
  • Efficient in terms of design, engineering and versatility

How it works

  • Dry-heat convection oven with moist-heat mode produced by injecting water or pressureless steam
  • Three ovens in one: conventional (conduction) oven, convection oven and pressureless steamer
  • Programmable cook-mode sequencing and timing

Electrical specifications

Power supply: 120, 208 or 240 V, single-phase and 3-phase


  • Simultaneous cooking of several dishes in the same oven
  • Superior energy efficiency compared to gas ovens:
    • Gas : 45%
    • Electricity : 70%
  • Superior steam-generation efficiency since elements are immersed in water
  • In general, priced lower than a gas appliance
  • Cleaning (descaling) recommended after 300 hours of steaming, depending on hardness of water (both for electric combi-oven and gas appliances)

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