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 Efficient technologies for cooking with electricity  

Induction cooktop

Whether you want to braise, sauté, brown or fry, induction cooktops (plates or woks), combine speed and top precision. They have no gas equivalent.






Sautéing, browning, frying, braising, simmering, keeping dishes warm and last-minute food preparation.


  • The induction-cooking plate has a flat glass-ceramic surface on which the pan containing food to cook is placed.
  • The induction wok cooker has a concave glass-ceramic surface to fit the wok.

How it works

  • Alternating current flows in a flat coil (inductor) which creates a high-frequency magnetic field.
  • A current is induced in any ferromagnetic material in the field. Currents move through the bottom of the cooking vessel, heating it and it alone.
  • The heat is transferred directly into the food.

Electrical specifications

Power supply: 208 or 240 V, single-phase; 208 V, 3-phase


  • No gas equivalent
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Highly portable
  • Very safe (no hot element)
  • Easy to clean
  • Energy efficiency of 90%
  • Induction only heats the vessel, not the surrounding area
  • Only works with cooking vessels made of a

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