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 Efficient technologies for cooking with electricity  


Steaming preserves food colour and taste in the shortest of cooking times. Take advantage of the high efficiency of electric steamers!




  • Pressureless steamer (212°F or 100°C)
  • Pressure steamer (212°F to 500°F or 100°C to 260°C))


  • Cooking or reheating fresh or frozen foods like vegetables, meat, fish, seafood or poultry
  • Warming up pasta
  • Pressureless steaming for delicate items
  • Pressure steaming to shorten cooking time of hard foods such as potatoes


  • Air-tight vessel holding food for pressure or pressureless steaming
  • Built-in or stand-alone steam generator

Electrical specifications

Power supply: 208 or 240 V, single-phase and 3-phase

How it works

  • Steam is fed into the vessel to cook food by direct contact
  • A gram of steam has more energy than a gram of water of equal temperature


  • Food colour is preserved
  • Shorter cooking time
  • More energy efficient than gas-powered steamers:
    • Gas: 45%
    • Electricity: 70%
  • Steam generator generally lasts longer than a gas appliance
  • Price roughly the same as a gas steamer
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