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 Efficient technologies for the furniture industry  

Forming and thermoforming

Our recommendations

Wood and plastic
High-frequency (HF) press (retrofitting possible)


  • +Can be used to shape complex pieces quickly and precisely
  • +More uniform, higher-quality products

Plastic and glass
Infrared (IR)


  • +Suitable for deforming and molding plastic sheet as well as thermoforming flat glass
  • +Precise temperature control
  • +Short heating times
  • +Higher-quality product
  • +Very high energy efficiency
  • +Easy to install
  • +Easily adapted to work with existing equipment
  • +Can be used for localized or focalized heating
  • +Suitable for controlled-atmosphere treatment (e.g. inert gas)

Metal: Induction


  • +Can be used to produce specific shapes
  • +Extremely precise temperature control

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