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Melting and maintaining the melting temperature

Our recommendations

Induction furnace


  • +Higher energy efficiency
  • +Reduced metal losses compared to gas-fired furnaces, which mix combustion gases with the liquid baths
  • +Extremely precise temperature control
  • +More homogeneous melt as a result of electromagnetic mixing
  • +Healthier work environment (no combustion gases)
  • +Easily adapted to work with existing equipment

Arc furnace


  • +High thermal efficiency
  • +Quick melting
  • +Extremely high contact temperature

Resistance furnace


  • +Suitable for low-melting-point metals (e.g., aluminum, lead, tin)
  • +Simple heating system that’s economical to buy and operate
  • +No combustion gases
  • +Suitable for controlled-atmosphere melting

Electron beam furnace


  • +Suitable for melting high-purity alloys

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