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 Plastics and rubber  

Heating in convection or conventional ovens

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Forward resistance

Potential benefit

  • +Simple to use


  • Gelling or polymerization of plastics
  • Drying and polymerization of impregnation in electrical construction
  • Drying and curing paints, lacquers and coatings on plastic surfaces
  • Heating or dehydrating plastics or rubber

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Ohmic heating, also known as Joule and resistive heating, is a process whereby electric current is passed directly through an item in order to heat it.

It is suitable for materials that are reasonably good conductors and often difficult to treat (because they are heat-sensitive, very viscous or messy, for instance). It can quickly heat large volumes at very precise power levels.

For more information, see Section 4.6.3 of the page New Energy Efficient Technologies That Are Applicable to Manufacturing Processes on the Natural Resources Canada Web site.

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