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 Efficient technologies for the textiles industry  

Drying after coating or sizing

Our recommendations

Electric resistance


  • +Simple heating system that’s economical to buy and operate
  • +Precise temperature control
  • +Pollution-free; no combustion gases
  • +Sturdy construction

Electron beam (EB), High-frequency (HF), Infrared (IR), Microwave (MW) and Ultraviolet (UV)


  • +Very good energy efficiency rating
  • +Short processing times
  • +Easily adapted to work with existing equipment
  • +Suitable for focalized heat treatment
  • +High precision – suitable for both thick and thin coatings
  • +Suitable for graft copolymerization applications designed to adapt fibres to specific uses (e.g., grafting acrylic acid onto polypropylene) or impart new properties (e.g., flame or stain resistance) to basic textiles
  • +Can be used to thermoset dyes onto fibres (HF)

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