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 Efficient technologies for the textiles industry  

Textiles Predrying and Drying

Our recommendations

Heat pump


  • +Highly efficient: coefficient of performance (COP) ranging from 3 to 5: 1 kWh of electricity can produce 3-5 kWh of thermal energy
  • +Inherent thermal storage capability

Mid or shortwave infrared (IR)


  • +Suitable for preheating fabrics (in order to increase the production rate) and thermosetting ink onto fabrics
  • +Enhanced dye setting on fibres
  • +No overheating (low risk of surface discoloration)
  • +Very good energy efficiency rating
  • +Fabric dries quickly and evenly
  • +Easily adapted to work with existing equipment

High-frequency (HF) (Bulk materials (e.g., spools and skeins) and sheets of uniform shape)


  • +No dye migration
  • +Fabric dries quickly and evenly
  • +High energy efficiency

Induction (Cylinder dryers)


  • +Precise temperature control
  • +Very low thermal inertia
  • +High energy efficiency
  • +Easily adapted to work with existing dryers
  • +No fabric overheating

Cold plasma (atmospheric or low-pressure)


  • +Dry process that imparts special surface properties to fabrics such as geotextiles and filtration membranes:
    • greater water repellence and stain resistance
    • greater resistance to abrasion, fire and chemicals
    • germicidal properties

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