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 Efficient technologies for the lumber and wood industry  

Heat pump with electric preheating

This low-temperature drying process uses a drying cell equipped with an electric preheating device and a heat pump that dehumidifies the air, recovers heat and transmits it to the drying cell.


  • Hardwoods up to 2 in. thick (including white pine)
  • Softwoods up to 3 in. thick

Potential benefits

  • +Very high quality (original color, little or no checks, no warping)
  • +Relatively low purchase price and installation cost
  • +Allows for variation in drying-cell capacity
  • +Uses no more than a half to a third the energy of conventional processes with similar drying cycles (0.8 to 1 kWh/kg of water evaporated, compared with 1.5 to 2.3 kWh/kg)
  • +Fire insurance costs potentially lower than with conventional drying

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