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 Efficient technologies for the lumber and wood industry  

Heat pump with fuel-fired preheating

This low-temperature drying process uses a conventional fuel-fired preheating system (accounting for approximately 15% of the total energy requirement) and a heat pump that dehumidifies the air, recovers heat and transmits it to the drying cell./p>


  • Hardwoods up to 2 in. thick (including white pine)
  • Softwoods up to 3 in. thick

Potential benefits

  • +Very high quality (original color, little or no checking or warping, no mold)
  • +Relatively low purchase price
  • +Drying time comparable to high-temperature kiln
  • +Optimization of drying equipment possible without adding a boiler

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Heat pumps transfer heat for heating by capturing thermal energy at a relatively low temperature and raising it to a higher temperature. For more information, see Section 4.2 of the page New Energy Efficient Technologies That Are Applicable to Manufacturing Processes on the Natural Resources Canada Web site.

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