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 Efficient technologies for the lumber and wood industry  

High frequency (radio frequency)

For the precision drying of wood parts, a HF kiln can be used. It can be combined with conventional drying. It provides the option of treating only parts requiring additional drying.

In some existing facilities where planing is done, this technology can theoretically be incorporated without any additional handling of parts being necessary.

Potential benefits

  • +Complies with National Lumber Grades Authority (NLGA) standard: 5% moisture content for convenience products
  • +Increased overall productivity through reduction in cycle time of conventional dryers when used in combination with high frequency to complete drying of moist parts
  • +Continuous process that does not require additional intervention
  • +Most drying done by conventional dryers; HF used solely to perform precision work
  • +Manufacturing of value-added products

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Microwave and high-frequency technologies make it possible to heat, directly and rapidly, without an intermediary, such poorly conductive substances as agroprocessing products. For more information, see Section 4.6.2 of the page New Energy Efficient Technologies That Are Applicable to Manufacturing Processes on the Natural Resources Canada Web site.

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