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Tips to Help You Be Energy Wise

As a responsible manager and investor, you are just as concerned with your company’s financial performance as you are with its environmental impact.

By efficiently managing your energy consumption, you can both improve your bottom line and remain competitive. If you own a building or an industrial site, take a look at our lighting advice, which can also help you increase the market value of your building or site.

Advice for assessment and implementation of energy management measures (with or without investment)

Continuous improvement and energy management

Is it possible to achieve savings while at the same time limiting the need for capital investment?

Before investing, think about optimizing your processes and monitoring by continuous improvement methods and consider systematic energy management in your company.

These methods will help you make organized, systematic use of your resources to define and implement savings measures while eliminating waste.

Here are some examples of savings often possible through continuous improvement without requiring any expenditures:

  • Equipment use optimization
  • Heat recovery
  • Cooling system optimization

Continuous improvement is a management method that focuses on process optimization in order to reduce variations and eliminate sources of waste. It helps to achieve efficiency gains while at the same time limiting the need for capital investment.

Hydro-Québec’s Industrial Systems Program offers financial assistance to conduct this type of electricity consumption analysis.

Energy management is the implementation of means of meeting energy needs as economically as possible. There are energy management systems that help large consumers to methodically monitor their various energy sources. They require work organization that allows systematic tracking of certain indicators, as well as the establishment of operating controls targeting optimum energy use.

Hydro-Québec’s Industrial Systems Program offers financial assistance for the implementation of this kind of energy management system.

A number of tools are available that you can use to launch a continuous improvement or energy management project.

Continuous improvement

There are several continuous improvement methods and tools, including the widely used Lean Six Sigma. In Québec, the Mouvement québécois de la qualité (MQQ) provides continuous improvement training and resources.

Reducing heat losses

CanmetENERGY, Canada’s leading research and technology organization in the field of clean energy, has developed a cutting-edge tool for optimizing heat recovery and reducing the use of thermal energy in facilities.

Operational data analysis

CanmetENERGY has also developed EXPLORE, a multivariate data analysis software program. It transforms existing data into valuable information and knowledge to help understand and improve process operation.

Hydro-Québec’s Industrial Systems Program offers assistance for continuous improvement

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