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This component tailors the financial assistance and technical support provided to your project with the goal of improving your building’s overall energy efficiency.

Important notice: Rectification ― Changes to the Buildings Program as of February 1, 2017
More details

Important notice: Changes to the Buildings Program as of February 1, 2017
More details

Terms and conditions in effect from January 1, 2011, to October 31, 2013

Terms and conditions in effect from November 1, 2013, to March 31, 2015

Terms and conditions in effect from April 1, 2015, to January 31, 2017

New projects

The program procedures and conditions in effect AS OF February 1, 2017, apply to all new projects.

First things first

We urge you to read about the Program before applying:

Additional documents


You must fill out the letter of intent part of the form, making sure to check the box Je confirme ma déclaration [I confirm the accuracy of my declaration], at the end of the form and click on the Soumettre [submit] button before .

You may begin the work once Hydro-Québec has acknowledged receipt of your letter of intent.

At this stage, no other documents are required.

Integrated Design option – New buildings

You must send us the Integrated Design form along with the letter of intent or before the initial integrated design charrette.

From the moment we receive the Integrated Design option form, we designate a Hydro-Québec engineer to your project and send you an acknowledgement of receipt.

End of the integrated design step

You must send the integrated design final report and associated documents to Hydro-Québec at

Hydro-Québec approves the report and sends you a letter confirming that it has been accepted.

You can then request payment of the financial aid for integrated design.

At the end of work, with the external project technical manager, you must:

  • Fill out the Confirmation de la réalisation du projet [Confirmation of project completion] part of the form you will have received from Hydro-Québec, on which the project number appears.

Click on the Soumettre button at the end of the form to submit the confirmation of project completion.

You must also:

  • generate a file using the PPB v1.2 software
  • provide a copy of the duly signed work order or first contract with a third party for the implementation of eligible energy efficiency measures
  • E-mail both to Hydro-Québec at

At this step, you don’t need to send in any other documents.

Note: Make sure the measures covered by your request for financial assistance have been implemented and that all components are working properly before submitting the confirmation of completed project.

Hydro-Québec’s technical team will contact you to tell you how to submit the required documents. Hydro-Québec reserves the right to refuse any nonprobative supporting document.

In addition to the documents listed in the Program requirements, Hydro-Québec may request any other document deemed necessary. Once you have submitted all the documents, Hydro-Québec will analyze your file to do the following:

  • check the project’s energy savings
  • determine the energy savings eligible for the Program, using Hydro-Québec’s references and instructions

Hydro-Québec may request that you submit an original invoice for the approved amount and including both taxes. This invoice must be issued through your accounting system and include an invoice number. The invoice must be send via e-mail to

Hydro-Québec will run a credit check and then pay you the financial assistance.

Questions? Want to discuss a project?

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