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 LED Public Lighting Component  

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Ended on March 31, 2015.

The LED Public Lighting Component encourages municipalities to become more energy conscious by opting for LED public lighting to meet their needs. Using LED lighting technology guarantees energy savings for urban infrastructure. Follow the current and take advantage of our financial support.

LED public lighting component ends on March 31, 2015
More details (in French only)

Projects started before March 20, 2014

New projects

The program procedures and conditions in effect AS OF March 20, 2014, apply to all new projects.

First things first

We urge you to read about the Program before applying:

Additional documents


E-mail your completed and signed letter of intent (in French only) to prior to .

Hydro-Québec will acknowledge receipt of the letter of intent, signaling that you may begin the work.

Financial assistance is calculated using the LED Public Lighting version 1.6 (in French only) form and based on the energy efficiency measures included in the project.

NB: Financial assistance is $60 per lighting fixture $30 per LED retrofit kit. All requests for financial assistance must be for a minimum of $1,000.

Once the project is completed, you must e-mail the completed LED Public Lighting form version 1.6 (in French only), the lighting location diagram for each contract (Hydro-Québec) to and the Confirmation of completed project and request for payment of financial assistance form.

NOTE: Once lighting fixtures have been replaced and the financial assistance has been paid, Hydro-Québec must adjust the service cost. For any questions about changes to billing resulting from lighting fixture replacement, please contact business customer service.

Hydro-Québec verifies the request and checks whether the products are on the DesignLights ConsortiumTM list.

Hydro-Québec may request that you submit an original invoice for the approved amount and including both taxes. This invoice must be issued through your accounting system and include an invoice number.

The invoice must be send via e-mail to

Hydro-Québec will also send you the form titled Informations requises relativement au Relevé 27 – Déclaration du participant [Relevé 27 information – Participant’s declaration]. Return the completed and signed form.

Hydro-Québec will run a credit check and then pay you the financial assistance.

Questions? Want to discuss a project?

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