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How to Apply on Lighting Component — Efficient Farming Products program

How to Apply

Replace your lighting products with more efficient ones. You could slash your energy bill by hundreds of dollars each year.

New since December 1, 2016

Starting December 1, 2016, financial assistance for LED lighting products will be based on luminous flux (in lumens) rather than the power (in watts) as was previously the case. (See the table)

Note: Make sure that the lighting products are on one of the lists before buying.

Don’t forget that participants are responsible for checking that eligible LED fixtures, retrofit kits and replacement lamps (tubes) presented under the Lighting Products component are on the DesignLights Consortium® qualified products list.

Before you begin

Before purchasing your products, please read the following:

Page couverture du guide de remise
˲ Installation Rebate Guide (in French only) [PDF – 1.3 MB] New
General Program conditions.

If you buy eligible products, you must send your rebate claim accompanied by your proof of purchase and installation once the products have been installed and within six months of the purchase date. No request received after this period will be accepted.

Furthermore, the amount of a rebate paid on an eligible product cannot exceed the price of the product indicated on the proof of purchase sent to Hydro-Québec.

How to apply

Step 1 — Buy new eligible products in Québec.

We encourage you to ask your master electrician for help in selecting the best products for you.

Step 2 — Install them.

Step 3 — Fill in the rebate claim form and send it to Hydro-Québec.

The new, easier-to-use rebate form is designed to be filled out directly on your computer. You must then submit it electronically.


Please note:

  • The purchase rebate amounts will be granted if the condition regarding eligible products is met.
  • Copies of invoices for purchase and installation of efficient products must be attached to the duly completed and signed request, and include the following information: invoice number, installation address, manufacturer and model number ;
  • No purchase orders or delivery slips will be accepted.

Hydro-Québec reserves the right to refuse any request that does not meet the program terms and conditions.

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