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 Milking Equipment component  

How to apply to Milking Equipment component — Efficient Farming Products program

How to apply

Improve milk quality while conserving energy.

New products

Hydro-Québec is offering a rebate on the purchase and installation of certain milking equipment beginning September 19, 2016.

˲More information on new eligible products

˲ Consult the pamphlet [PDF – 3.0 MB]

Did you purchase a plate heat exchanger before this date? You must fill out the new form that can be found under the How to apply tab.

Hydro-Québec will make sure the model appears in the list of eligible products, which was in effect before September 19, 2016.

Important notice

The rules concerning the acquisition and installation of products under all Program components have changed.

˲More information on new eligible products

Before you begin

We urge you to read about the Efficient Farming Products Program before applying for a rebate.

Page couverture du guide de remise
˲ Installation Rebate Guide (in French only) [PDF – 1.3 MB] New
General Program conditions and requirements.

You must submit rebate claims under this component with proof of purchase and proof of installation within six months of purchase. This period applies to all rebate claims presented as of April 1, 2013. No request received after this period will be accepted.

Furthermore, the amount of a rebate paid on an eligible product cannot exceed the price of the product indicated on the proof of purchase sent to Hydro-Québec.

How to apply

Step 1 — Buy new eligible products in Québec that meet Hydro-Québec’s criteria

Step 2 — Install the products.

Step 3 — Fill in the rebate claim form and send it to Hydro-Québec with the proof of purchase and proof of installation before the deadline.

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