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Changes to the Buildings Program as of February 1, 2017

  • Enhanced and streamlined program as of February 15, 2017!

    Retrofit and New Plant, Expansion or Addition of Product Lines components

    Consolidation into a single component

    The two components were merged into the Catered Projects component.

    Simplification and enhancement of the calculation rules

    The following rules were standardized for all projects and rates:

    • The amount of financial assistance must reduce the payback period to one year*.
    • The maximum amount granted in financial assistance is $2 million per project.

    * Note: For projects involving a new plant, an expansion or the addition of product lines, the baseline scenario (eligible savings and costs) always includes standard or regulation equipment.

    Projects covered: This rule applies to all new projects for which a complete and compliant proposal is submitted to Hydro-Québec as of February 15, 2017.

    Submitted projects for which the start date is on or after February 15, 2017: The Hydro-Québec engineer assigned to the proposal will contact you, if appropriate, to inform you of how these new rules impact your project.

    Extension of the project completion deadline

    The project completion deadline—from the time the project proposal is received to when the completed project is submitted—is extended from 24 to 36 months. This extension also applies to projects that are currently underway.

    Electricity Consumption Analysis

    Broadening of eligible analysis types

    Eligible projects must aim to reduce specific electricity consumption or achieve better operational efficiency in electricity use.

    As of February 15, the following analyses will be eligible:

    • water chillers and industrial refrigeration, even though these measures are among the tools in the Prescriptive Measures component
    • substitution of fossil fuel technologies by efficiency electrical technologies
    • controls and automation for processes
    • power demand management to lower peaks on Hydro-Québec’s grid

    Prescriptive Measures component

    New streamlined automated form to present new projects prior to completion and confirm their implementation: Letter of intent and Confirmation of project completion (in French only)

    • There is now a single form to notify us of your intent to carry out a project (it replaces the project outline form) and then confirm its completion. The new form makes it easy to update your contact information.

    Instructions : When you access the new form, the instructions and relevant fields appear based on the project phase you select (Letter of intent or Confirmation of project completion).

    Exception : To confirm the completion of your project, use the Confirmation of completed project and request for payment of financial assistance form.

    New project proposal form

    You must use the new streamlined form to submit a new project under Hydro-Québec’s Catered or Electricity Consumption Analysis component.

    New streamlined version of the participant’s guides

    The participant’s guides for the Electricity Consumption Analysis and Prescriptive Measures components have been revamped. The guide for the Catered Projects component follows the same model. « Guides are available in French only. »

    Be sure to read the new guide to carry out your project.

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