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 Prescriptive Measures  

Submit a Project on Prescriptive Measures — Industrial Systems program

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Get financial assistance to implement predefined energy efficiency measures involving lighting, variable-frequency drives, compressed air, water chilling and industrial refrigeration.

Important notice: Changes to the Industrial Systems Program as of February 15, 2017
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Note: LED lighting products must be approved by the DesignLights Consortium® (DLC®) or, in some cases, they must be ENERGY STAR® certified. It is important to choose the right category when the products are submitted. For instance, a retrofit kit approved by the DLC® cannot be submitted in the Fixtures category.
Eligible LED lighting products based on category

First things first

We urge you to read about the Program before applying.

For all projects

Page couverture du guide de remise
˲ Participant’s Guide – February 15, 2017 (in French only) [PDF]
General Program conditions and requirements, plus objectives, services, eligibility criteria, terms and requirements specific to the Prescriptive Measures component.

Note: In case of any discrepancy between the French and English versions, the French version shall prevail. In case of any discrepancy, the Participant’s Guide takes precedence over the terms and conditions stated on this site.

˲Previous versions of the guide that apply depending on start date

Industrial refrigeration projects

˲Refrigeration methodology guide (in French only) [PDF – 1.6 MB]
A step-by-step technical guide to preparing low- and medium-temperature refrigeration projects. Document outlining procedure for submitting a refrigeration project.


Any document or deliverable required under the component must be sent to

  • Step 1 – Submit project outline form before starting work

    IMPORTANT: This must be done before the work start date.

    The start date is one of the following:

    • the date on which you sign an initial contract with a contractor to complete work related to the project; or
    • the date on which you, the participant, first purchase equipment related to the project (purchase order or invoice indicating the order date).

    You must fill in the letter of intent part of the Letter of intent and confirmation of project completion form.

  • Step 2 – Request payment of financial assistance

  • Step 3 – Hydro-Québec verifies compliance and approves completed prescriptive measures project

  • Step 4 – Invoice Hydro-Québec for financial assistance

  • Step 5 – Hydro-Québec pays out financial assistance

Frequently asked questions

Always use the most recent version of PROSI, the Refrigeration software or the industrial lighting (PEI) software that is .

Your request must include the following:

  • The Confirmation of project completion part of the Letter of intent and confirmation of project completion
  • Data file generated by PROSI (*.vap), the Refrigeration software (*.hqvpr) or the PEI (*.hqpei), in the version in effect when the work begins
  • A supporting document confirming the date on which the work began
  • Technical data sheets for the components

To speed up the processing of your request, please ensure that all the required deliverables are included.

Read the detailed information on the required deliverables in the ˲Prescriptive Measures Component Participant’s Guide [PDF]

Program participants must commit to maintaining the project components in good operating condition for a period of five years from the date the financial assistance is paid. If that period has not yet ended, the new project will not be eligible. For the purposes of the program, the rate at which the products are replaced is based on the estimated service life of more than five years. So-called "advance" projects are not eligible.

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