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Electricity consumption monitoring and analysis tool

Discover how Visilec works, the analyses it can do and the practical steps it will enable you to take.

From the meter to your computer

Your communicating meters record data every 15 minutes and Hydro-Québec collects it daily. You have access to it the very next morning. You can use it to produce any charts and tables you like and export any data you wish to a spreadsheet (Excel, for example).

Sample analyses

From diagnosis to action

After viewing your data, you can analyze in a number of ways:

  • Find out your consumption profile (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Pinpoint peaks
  • Spot irregularities and atypical consumption
  • Compare costs at different service addresses within a given period

That will enable you to make the right diagnosis and the right decisions:

  • React quickly to any irregularity
  • Optimize scheduling
  • Optimize equipment to increase energy efficiency
  • Make adjustments to improve load and power factors

Energy Efficiency Programs + Visilec

Visilec gives you the key data you need for a greater understanding of your electricity consumption and careful management of energy costs. And if you’re interested in joining one of our energy efficiency programs to carry out a project, Visilec will be extremely useful!

Visilec service

Contract for as little as

$89 per month Contract details  Contract details

The Visilec service is available to any address with a Rate M service contract and a communicating meter.

Interested in signing up?

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