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Commission Scolaire des Samares

Investing in the future

Foreseeing a rise in energy costs, the Commission scolaire des Samares drafted an energy management plan that included energy efficiency projects involving many of its buildings. And to manage their implementation better, it decided to sign up for the Visilec service, which provides an accurate consumption profile of each building, allowing definitive analyses, as well as monitoring of the effects of corrective measures and the resulting savings. Undeniable advantages!

Visilec enables the school board to keep track of corrective measures for each project, in line with its strategy. Visilec is an integral part of its electricity management plan. Not only has Visilec saved the school board time and money, the service has also enabled its analysts to get to know the buildings better and be proactive.

When electricity management is a central concern

The Commission scolaire des Samares serves almost 25,000 students and manages 90 buildings in a wide area comprising the regional county municipalities of Autray, Joliette, Matawinie and Montcalm. It heats and air-conditions a total area of 330,000 m2, which requires tight control of operating costs, including energy costs.

The administration was well aware of the importance of good energy consumption planning and the opportunities for receiving financial assistance from Hydro-Québec to implement energy efficiency projects.

Continuous optimization: Teamwork

The administration set up an energy management unit with a clear mandate. The team, which is also responsible for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), is in charge of all these operations: regular and preventive maintenance of electromechanical systems, monitoring energy use and project management. It focuses on the continuous optimization of system operations to make the buildings more energy-efficient and achieve recurrent savings.

Using the Visilec service in the 10 schools that consumed the most electricity made it possible to:

  • examine and compare the buildings’ consumption profiles;
  • determine peaks;
  • spot irregularities and atypical consumption.

A tool that makes things much easier

With Visilec, you can make the right diagnosis and take the right corrective measures for each project:

  • Optimize or replace equipment
  • Optimize scheduling
  • Improve load and power factors
  • Reduce power demand

Afterwards, Visilec was used to measure the effectiveness of the solutions adopted, a key step in achieving the school board’s goals.

Financial boost

The financial assistance from Hydro-Québec also facilitates the implementation of projects and fast payback of investments. Since 2004, some 30 projects have been considered. They cover every application of electricity, from lighting and HVAC system upgrades to heat recovery. Ten of the targeted buildings are connected to Visilec and ten more will be in the near future. In other words, the Commission scolaire des Samares is fulfilling its commitment.

Visilec service

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