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Redbourne Group

630, René-Lévesque Ouest: Connected to Visilec!

In 2003, real estate management firm the Redbourne Group acquired an office building at 630, boul. René-Lévesque Ouest, in downtown Montréal. To retain tenants, the firm reined in operating costs, including energy costs. As soon as it saw any irregularity in the property’s energy consumption profile, it took steps to find out the cause.

A top-notch management tool

The Redbourne Group signed up for Visilec , which proved to be essential for both electricity management and cost planning.

Analysis of the building’s consumption profile led to the discovery of a number of problems: the unnecessary use of machinery during vacancies, poor operation of controls and unsynchronized on-off sequences, which caused expensive power demand peaks.

Faced with these observation, the Redbourne Group decided to hire an energy expert to submit a project to Hydro-Québec’s Energy Efficiency Program so as to receive financial assistance to implement appropriate energy-saving measures.

A crucial choice

With Visilec, Redbourne Group does it right! Many problems were discovered and quickly fixed. It was able to track its electricity use closely and check the payback on the project.

Profile of 630, René-Lévesque Ouest

  • Building type: Office building
  • Year built: 1962
  • Service contract type: Rate M and Rate BT (until phaseout in April 2006)
  • Occupants: About 3,000
  • Heating system: Two electric furnaces and a natural gas furnace

Making accurate projections

The Visilec service was extremely useful. Having access to the building’s electricity use data, the staff could do extractions and analyses on which to base projections. It drew up a report based on the preceding year’s energy costs, taking into account occupancy rate and temperature. It also worked closely with the building’s operational staff to maximize savings. Each system was reviewed thoroughly on a daily basis. For example, analysis of chiller power and consumption curves in relation to degree-days pinpointed savings that could be achieved through the use of more powerful systems. Replacing chillers is just one of the many measures the Redbourne Group implemented.

A lower bill, much lower

No only did the Redbourne Group receive substantial financial assistance to carry out its project, but the building’s tenants saw their electricity bills go down considerably. With Visilec, you can take a longer view and manage your energy consumption better.

Visilec service

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