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Stryker Medical Québec

Saving with Visilec!

Stryker Medical Québec makes top-of-the-line hospital beds that are distributed throughout North America and Latin America. It utilizes a range of processes, including forming steel, arc welding, electrocoating and air compression, all of which draw huge amounts of power. For Stryker Medical Québec, sound energy, cost and environmental management are absolutely crucial. As its energy consumption is high, Stryker Medical Québec attaches great importance to energy efficiency and environmental quality.

Stryker Medical Québec heats most of its buildings with the heat given off by the various processes. In cold weather and during production shutdowns, it also makes use of electric and propane unit heaters. The electric unit heaters, with a total capacity of about 450 kW, push up power demand, while the propane heaters, which cost even more to run, generate greenhouse gases. A balance had to be struck.

Analyzing consumption and power demand curves with Visilec allowed shortcomings to be detected and the energy-saving potential of better use of the unit heaters to be determined.

Cost-effective tool

By opting for Visilec, Stryker Medical Québec does it right! All it had to do was implement the right measures to become energy wise. By alternating the use of its unit heaters, the company is enjoying considerable savings.

Profile of Stryker Medical Québec

  • Sector: Manufacturer of top-of-the-line hospital beds
  • Year founded: 1920
  • Building type: Two storeys, 10,200 m2 (110,000 sq. ft.)
  • Employees: About 325
  • Service contract type: Rate M
  • Processes: Forming steel, arc welding, air compression, electrocoating
  • Heating system: Backup electric and propane unit heaters

Managing power demand well

On the basis of data obtained with Visilec, an engineering intern was given a practical project: develop an in-house energy management system to control the use of unit heaters according to heating needs, power being used and maximum power demand. A temperature sensor was installed in each zone to turn the unit heaters on and off as needed. The system continuously adjusts their operations based on the power curve. Electrical unit heaters are used as long as there is no impact on maximum power demand.

In this way, Stryker Medical Québec has been able to cut its hydro bill by $7,000 a year. Strict monitoring of its electricity use has enabled it to achieve its objective: a good balance between production and energy costs. Fully satisfied with the results, the company intends to go even further. It plans to carry out a project to recover compressor heat and optimize the compressed-air system. With Visilec, the task will be so much easier!

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