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Electricity consumption monitoring and analysis tool

Need help starting up or using Visilec?


To log into Visilec, you need certain Web browser functions enabled (they usually are by default).

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  • Java environment
    To access the full Visilec functionality, you need to have Sun Microsystem’s Java plugin installed and enabled. Version 1.5 or later is recommended.
    ˲Download Java
  • JavaScript
    The JavaScript language must be enabled.
  • Adobe Reader
    Many reference documents are provided as PDF files. You need software to read and print these files.
    ˲Download Adobe Reader

Reading charts

If you need information or assistance to understand a chart, contact a representative, who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Visilec service

Contract for as little as

$89 per month Contract details  Contract details

The Visilec service is available to any address with a Rate M service contract and a communicating meter.

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