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Equalized Payments Plan Terms Of Service

Your monthly installment

Hydro-Québec establishes your monthly installment based on the following factors:

  • Electricity consumption at the service address
  • Temperatures recorded in your region in recent years
  • Energy use habits

Consumption history

Your residence must have a consumption history of at least 11 months to allow us to make a reasonable estimate of your monthly installment.

Annual review

The annual review is done to determine your end-of-year balance. Therfore, it is used to determine whether there is a difference between the cost of the electricity you have used during the period covered and the total amount you were billed for. When the review has been done, a bill is issued to even up your account.

  • If you’ve used more electricity than you’ve been billed for, you’ll have a balance payable. This balance will be spread over the following 12 monthly installments, or you may choose to pay it in full.
  • If you’ve used less electricity than you’ve been billed for, you’ll have a credit. The amount will automatically be deducted from your next bill(s).

The annual review is also used to determine the amount of your monthly installments for the next 12 months.

Changes to monthly installments

If you have a Customer Space on our Web site, you can track your consumption and adjust your monthly installments based on your actual consumption. You could avoid having a balance to pay following your annual review.

You can also sign up to receive e-mail notifications if your consumption is significantly different than expected.


The Equalized Payments Plan will be canceled automatically if you move or if you request it through customer services. Hydro-Québec may terminate the service at any time. Any outstanding balance then becomes payable on the due date of your next bill.

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