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Equalized Payments Plan Bill

Services provided to

Service address


Bill number, different every time

Customer no.

Nine-digit number you use to identify yourself whenever you contact Hydro-Québec.

Account no.

Reference number to provide whenever you pay your bill

Contract number

Number associated with the service address


Your meter records the consumption data. To determine how much electricty you’ve consumed in the billing period, your last meter reading is subtracted from most recent meter reading.

In most cases, the amount indicated on the meters is multiplied by 10, because the meter indicates only a tenth of the electricity you use. Some meters register at a different speed. The multiplier (MULT) used in your case is written on the meter.


Your total consumption, in kilowatthours (kWh).

There’s a letter (E or R) after this figure.
  • The E (for estimated consumption) means that your meter wasn’t read or didn’t transmit the data.
  • The R (for actual consumption) means that we received information on your actual consumption.

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