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Equalized Payments Plan Bill

For your information

This section shows important information about your account or our services.

Status of your account on mm dd yyyy

A snapshot of transactions since the last billing date: payments or refunds, amount past due, etc.

Current bill

Monthly installment before taxes and other charges related to electricity service (new file charge, file administration charge, charge for connection or for establishing service, etc.).

Amount due by dd mm yyyy

Amount due and date by which you must pay to avoid administration charges. Be sure to allow sufficient time for electronic, bank or postal processing. Your bill is considered to be paid on the date we receive payment.

Fixed charge

A fixed charge that you pay for the service itself, apart from any consumption. This amount is calculated on a daily basis according to the number of days of consumption in the billing period.


Section that shows the calculation of your electricity costs and any other charges for the consumption period covered by this bill.

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