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Power factor

Power factor is calculated as follows:

PF =  real power Apparent power x 100

Load factor

The load factor (LF) is the relationship between the real power consumed (kWh) and the maximum power that can be used in a given period, as a function of the use of the maximum power demand.

It is used to evaluate your use of maximum power demand for a given billing period.

FU =  consumption during period (kWh) Max power demand x hours in period x 100

Calculating consumption

Calculating consumption at the service address and associated costs, based on meter readings and applicable rate.


Your meter number (or numbers, if there are separate meters for power demand in kilowatts and in kilovolt-amperes).


Figures from the new meter reading and preceding meter reading and the amount by which they are multiplied to calculate your energy consumption (kWh) in the period.

Note: To calculate power demand in kilovolt-amperes and kilowatts, you don't need to calculate the difference between the current and previous reading, since the power demand is reset after each reading.

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