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Billing period

Header of bill with interactive areas that customer expands by clicking on +.

Minimum demand

65% of maximum power demand during a consumption period that falls wholly within the winter period.

Apparent power

Highest power demand (kVA).

90% of apparent power

90% of power (kVA). The result is expressed in kilowatthours (kW).

Real power

Power demand (kW).

Billing demand

The power used to calculate your bill is maximum power demand (90% of kVA or 100% of kW), but is never below the minimum demand.


Total energy consumption during period covered, in kilowatthours.

First and second tiers of kilowatthours consumed

  • First 210,000 kWh per month

    Kilowatthours consumed in first bracket, prorated to the number of days in the billing period on a monthly basis (30 days).

    Price of first 210,000 kWh per month, at April 1, 2012: $0.041/kWh

  • Remaining energy consumption (if applicable)

    Price of kilowatthours consumed in second bracket

    Price of remaining energy consumed at April 1, 2012: $0.0319/kWh


Total before taxes, carried over to bill.

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