Through the years, we have gained extensive experience in managing hydroelectric and transmission facility construction and refurbishment projects. In fact, several of our developments are recognized the world over, including our structures in the Baie-James region, the Daniel-Johnson dam on the Manicouagan and our vast power transmission system, which includes over 500 substations and 33,000 km of lines.

To manage our projects, we count on multidisciplinary teams of specialists who design, plan, organize, carry out and supervise complex activities in compliance with rigorous quality and performance standards.

Managing a project at Hydro-Québec Équipement et services partagés involves:

Delivering quality projects by:

  • Meeting all customers' needs as quickly and cost-effectively as possible
  • Complying with the project's specifications, schedule and cost requirements
  • Accounting for safety, the environment and the host communities

Mobilizing our human resources by:

  • Informing them
  • Ensuring their commitment
  • Making them accountable
  • Showing them respect
  • Fostering their development

Innovating and continually improving by:

  • Mastering best practices in the sector
  • Recommending innovative processes and approaches


We rely on a team of competent, dynamic and creative project managers who enjoy the challenges of building power generation and transmission facilities in different environments. To manage a project at Hydro-Québec Équipement et services partagés is to lead and coordinate teams which are working hard on cost-effective, renewable energy projects that respect the environment and their host communities.


Contribute to projects that will be the pride of Quebecers for generations to come.

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