To carry out its power generation and transmission projects, Hydro-Québec Équipement et services partagés counts on skilled specialists at the cutting edge of a wide range of fields. Many are internationally recognized professionals whose expertise often shapes emerging practices in Québec and around the world.


Our teams of specialists and engineers provide expertise, strategic consulting and guidance in many sectors.

Contract administration
We draft construction contracts, negotiate supplier contracts and take part in the contract awarding process. We determine the criteria for supplier qualification, proposal evaluation and performance.
Engineering administration
We set out engineering drawings (breakdown, scope, schedule, budget, supply strategies etc.), administer engineering, environmental and architecture contracts and oversee the completion of these contracts in keeping with quality standards.
Geotechnics, hydraulics and generating facility design
We carry out technical mandates (hydraulics, hydrology, hydrometry, geotechnology, and geology) to optimize the design, development and refurbishment of generating and transmission facilities in keeping with the principles of sustainable development.
Transmission substation control systems design
We provide the engineering and project delivery expertise for transmission facility control and protection systems.
Electrical equipment and powerhouse and substation control systems design
We oversee the engineering of electrical equipment and local control and protection systems in generating facilities. We also oversee the rotating machines in the generating and transmission facilities.
Line design and civil engineering for transmission
We provide complete civil engineering services for the study, design, project engineering and technical support of lines and transmission substations.
Mechanical design, structures and architecture
We work on energy generating and transmission projects as technical experts in major and auxiliary mechanical systems, building structures, architecture and development.
Project planning, management and control
We plan and manage projects (content, schedules, costs). We analyze the forecasts and trends for each contract task and contract as well as the impacts of any changes. We are also involved in verifying contract rider, amendments and claims estimates.
Environmental studies and follow ups
We conduct the environmental impact assessments and establish the mitigation and reclamation measures to foster the integration of the project in the host environment. We set out environmental monitoring and follow up programs based on best practices in sustainable development. We also provide consultancy services in project design and construction for technical teams.
Our services cover aspects including infrastructure positioning, bathymetry, elevation references, real-time hydrometeorological data, aerial photography and satellite images, georeferenced databases of animal habitats and mapping (conventional and thematic).
Jobsite inspections
We oversee the advancement of the work on jobsites and ensure that tasks are carried out in compliance with project plans and specifications. We draft reports on the work (progress, workforce, materials, additional work, etc.). We also suggest and recommend safety measures and means to enhance work processes.
Tendering and estimating
We plan and provide cost estimates for the various phases in the development and completion of projects, from summary and draft-design studies to construction on jobsites.
Manufacturing quality
We ensure in-plant certification and follow ups for the strategic material required by projects and Hydro-Québec to ensure that our quality requirements are met from the procurement phase to the manufacturing process.


Develop your skills as part of a team of recognized professionals and fully contribute to its success and future influence!

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