aking Hydro-Québec the Flagship of the Québec Economy

René Lévesque (1922-1987)

Journalist, war correspondent and TV show host, René Lévesque became a household name with his public affairs program Point de Mire, broadcast on Radio-Canada from 1956 to 1958. He joined Jean Lesage’s team with the idea of participating in the reform movement Lesage would initiate when he came to power in 1960. As Minister of Natural Resources, Lévesque was openly critical of the disastrous state of electricity in Québec. He proposed to make Hydro-Québec a powerful lever of economic development by finishing the job started by Adélard Godbout in 1944. René Lévesque went on to found the Parti Québécois (1968) and become its leader. He served as premier of Québec for nine years.

René Lévesque