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Recognition and visibility

Large-power customers who join the Energy Savers’ Circle win on many fronts:

  • They strengthen their corporate image
  • They position themselves as energy efficiency leaders in their industry.
  • By saving electricity, they become more competitive—a lasting, long-term advantage.

In addition to publishing the achievements of the members of the network on its Web site, Hydro-Québec highlights the commitment of its members in various ways.

Presentation of a framed certificate

Energy Saver’s Circle Certificate🔎

Energy Saver’s Circle Certificate

New members receive: an honorary Energy Savers’ Circle Certificate awarded during a special event.

Work of art🔎

Work of art

Elite and Distinction members receive a work of art by photographer Marie-Jeanne Musiol, who records the luminous imprints of plants.

We offer visibility.

Press Release and Media🔎

Press release and advertising

A press release and media advertisements on members’ achievements in energy efficiency are issued.


Promotional banner

A large banner that can be hung inside or outside your building.

Would you like to learn more about the Energy Savers’ Circle?

Talk to your commercial officer, who will be happy to answer your questions.