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Industrial Systems

The Industrial Systems Program covers a wide range of measures to make industrial facilities, processes and electromechanical systems more energy-efficient.

Important notice : Changes to the Industrial Systems Program as of February 15, 2017
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Full, flexible range of assistance

Graphic describing the energy efficiency cycle that is part of an overall vision of continuous improvement. The endlessly repeating cycle has three stages: identification and planning, improving and following up.

Program and energy efficiency cycle

The Industrial Systems Program’s four components cover a plant’s entire industrial energy efficiency cycle, from planning through improvements to follow-up.

Program benefits

  • +Financial assistance tailored to project type and size
  • +Recurring electricity savings
  • +Lower operating costs
  • +Faster payback
  • +Wide range of eligible measures
  • +Better competitive position
  • 1

    Identify and plan

    Stage in which energy management opportunities are identified.

    First things first

    Perform energy audits in the plant.

    Taking it further

    Take advantage of Hydro-Québec’s support for analysis.

  • 2


    Stage at which upgrades, major retrofits or projects involving new technologies are carried out.

    First things first

    First implement management, housekeeping or operational measures with a payback period of less than a year that can be defined under the Electricity Consumption Analysis component or the Electricity Management Systems component.

    Taking it further

    Take advantage of Hydro-Québec’s investment support.

    Prescriptive measures

    Catered projects component – Retrofit

    Catered projects component – New Plant, Expansion or Addition of Production Lines

  • 3

    Follow up

    Stage at which to choose the significant energy uses for which to monitor the impact on electrical energy efficiency of measures implemented, in accordance with your priorities.

    First things first

    Implement an energy management process.

  • 4

    Adopt an overall vision of continuous energy efficiency improvement

    Taking it further

    Implement systematic electricity management practices that foster a culture of energy efficiency and generate ongoing electricity savings by means of operational control.

    Electricity Management Systems

Technology Demonstration

This component has been withdrawn from the Industrial Systems Program and replaced with the new Technology and Commercial Demonstration activity.

˲For more information out about this new activity or to submit a demonstration project

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