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Eligibility on Electricity Management Systems — Industrial Systems program

Electricity Management Systems — Industrial Systems program

Obtain financial assistance for implementing an electricity management system (EMS) at your plant. Install equipment that measures the real-time consumption of the main processes, systems and equipment.

By adopting sound management practices, you can continuously improve your efficiency and save energy and money.

An Electricity Management System (EMS) ensures methodical management of energy with a view to improving energy performance.

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EMS explained by two experts (in French only).

Eligible customers

Any individual or corporation that owns, operates or occupies an industrial building in Québec associated with a goods-producing industry that has an annual electricity bill of more than $750,000. Customers of municipal utilities and off-grid systems are also eligible.

Eligible projects

Under this component, you can obtain financial assistance for projects that combine continuous measurement and electricity management:
  • Continuous measurement
    Purchase and installation of continuous measuring instruments to better control electricity consumption of an entire plant through regular monitoring
  • Electricity management
    Development, implementation and improvement of electricity management system based on continuous measurement

For buildings for which Rate L is payable, financial assistance may provide partial support for additional new services. If you are eligible, you can indicate your interest in receiving such services on the component’s project proposal form.

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