If, after using the various means at your disposal to reach us and obtain information on the company, you can’t find the document you need, you have the right, under the Access Act, to ask Hydro-Québec to send you a document that it holds in the conduct of its activities.

Conditions for requesting access to a document

  • The document you request must already exist. Hydro-Québec will not be able to meet a request if it involves the creation of a document; it will not perform calculations, prepare tables, write summaries or create computer programs to respond to a request.
  • The request must be sufficiently precise that the document can be found. Hydro-Québec may help you in this respect, if need be.
  • Hydro-Québec has the right to limit access to certain content and so may refuse to disclose all or a portion of a document. Under the Act, requests for access to the following types of information may be denied:
  • Technical, financial, commercial or scientific information whose disclosure could be detrimental to Hydro-Québec or have a serious adverse affect on its economic interests
  • Financial, commercial or scientific information provided by a third party
  • Personal information, unless the persons directly concerned consent to its release
  • Information whose disclosure could hamper an investigation, a lawsuit or negotiations

If any of these restrictions apply, Hydro-Québec may refuse to transmit the requested document or may delete certain passages from the document. It shall specify such passages and justify the deletions. Hydro-Québec may also refuse access to a document in its entirety if the information to be deleted represents the substance of it. In all cases, Hydro-Québec is obliged to remove nominative information from a document.

How to make a request

Apply in writing by filling out the appropriate form available on the Web site of the Commission d’accès à l’information and stating as precisely as possible the document you are seeking. We suggest you state the nature or the specific subject of the document requested. It may be difficult, if not impossible, to respond to your request if you ask us to provide all our documentation on a specific subject. Nor may you ask Hydro-Québec to research a subject and report to you on it.

Commission d’accès à l’information (In French only)

To whom should the request be made?

Officer responsible for the Access Act at Hydro-Québec:

  • Stella Leney, Vice President – Corporate Affairs and Secretary General
    Tel.: 514 289-3737
    Fax: 514 289-4530

Postal address:

75, boul. René-Lévesque Ouest
20e étage
Montréal (Québec) H2Z 1A4

Is there a fee?

In principle there is no charge for access to documents. But if a request involves reproducing documents, CD-ROMs, audiocassettes, diskettes, computer tapes, microfilms or plans, reproduction fees may be charged. The regulation made under the Act specifies an amount for each page photocopied and an hourly rate when transcription of computerized documents must be done manually. You will be informed in advance of the fees payable.

Processing the request

On receipt of your request, Hydro-Québec will send you a written notice stating the date on which the request was received and the prescribed period for responding to it.

Hydro-Québec is obliged to respond to your request within 20 days of receiving it. If the request cannot be processed without interfering with the company’s normal operations, the period may be extended by no more than 10 days. You will be notified by mail, if necessary.

If you are not satisfied with Hydro-Québec’s response, you may ask the Commission d’accès à l’information to review the decision.

Review of a decision

The request for a review must be made in writing within 30 days following the decision by Hydro-Québec.