Steadier operation

The ECOPEAK® water heater has three less-powerful elements that heat water more steadily than a standard model. They keep the water in the tank at a more constant temperature all day long, and can supply the same amount of hot water as a conventional water heater of the same capacity.

ECOPEAK® three-element water heater

The 3,800-W top element works alternately with the other two elements to heat water in the top part of the tank.

The 3,000-W middle element works when needed with the bottom one to heat water over a short period of time.

The 800-W bottom element bottom element runs almost all the time, to help draw power more evenly throughout the day.

ECOPEAK® is a trademark property of GIANT FACTORIES INC.

Longer lasting and more reliable, at comparable cost

Because the heating elements are under less stress than those of standard models, the ECOPEAK® water heater lasts longer and is more reliable, for the same money.

And the bottom element has a longer service life, for two reasons:

  • The low power (800 W) means less buildup of lime scale.
  • Because it’s always on, it’s not as likely to break down due to cycling on and off so often.

Proven Québec technology that customers love

Almost 90% of customers are satisfied with their ECOPEAK® three-element water heaters and would recommend them to a friend (2016 Léger poll commissioned by Hydro-Québec).

According to the poll, users see no difference between standard two-element models and ECOPEAK® three-element models in terms of hot water quality and reliability.

Did you know?

You can replace a 40-gallon water heater with a 60-gallon ECOPEAK® water heater—no need to change the power supply! If you need more hot water, you can opt for a 60-gallon tank, as long as you have the room.

A responsible way to heat water

Electricity demand varies by time of day and time of year. In peak periods, mornings between 6 and 9, and evenings between 4 and 8, the average Québec household uses a lot of hot water.

Conventional water heaters draw a lot of wattage during peak periods, putting pressure on the Hydro-Québec grid.

The ECOPEAK® technology helps reduce overall power demand in morning and evening peak periods, in a way you won’t even notice. How? As it heats water more regularly, it spreads the water heater’s electricity demand out more evenly through the day.

Comparing power drawn by standard and ECOPEAK® water heaters

Graphique comparant la consommation d’électricité d’un chauffe-eau standard à celle d’un chauffe-eau à technologie ECOPEAK® à trois éléments. La consommation du chauffe-eau à technologie ECOPEAK® est mieux répartie dans la journée et permet de réduire la demande d’électricité aux heures de pointe du soir et du matin.

An easy decision, for the good of us all

When Québec’s electricity demand is too great, as in winter peak hours, Hydro-Québec sometimes has to buy power from neighboring grids. But that power is expensive and is generated using fossil fuels (natural gas or oil). By shifting our times of use, we avoid additional costs that affect electricity rates. The ECOPEAK® water heater is a great choice for the environment and for all Quebecers!

Everything you need to know about winter electricity use, capacity, power and peaks.

Where to buy an ECOPEAK® water heater

The ECOPEAK® three-element water heaters are made by Giant and are available in a 60-gallon size. They are sold by the retailers shown below.

Have your ECOPEAK® three-element water heater installed by a professional. That way you’ll be sure that everything is done properly and is up to code. Most sellers of ECOPEAK® water heaters will install them.

Keep up your good habits!

  • Save hot water: take quick showers rather than baths and make them a minute shorter, if possible.
  • Save energy and water: install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators.
  • Repair leaky faucets. Think about it: a month’s worth of hot water drip, drip, dripping could fill four bathtubs or 1,600 500-mL bottles. How to repair a leaky faucet
  • Divide showers up between morning and evening.
  • Run the dishwasher outside morning and evening peak hours.
  • Do laundry in cold water: clothes will come out just as clean!
  • Put aerators on kitchen and bathroom faucets.
  • Get your ECOPEAK® water heater installed right by a pro.

Tips on heating water