Hydro-Québec’s projects and operations have impacts on Québec society and the province’s economy. We strive to cultivate a positive reception of our operations by mitigating their negative impacts and optimizing their positive effects. We also endeavour to ensure that the company’s projects are profitable, environmentally acceptable and favourably received by the host community.

Every project is unique and the measures taken to promote social acceptability may vary depending on the host community’s expectations. A project’s social acceptance does not necessarily mean there is no opposition, but rather that as broad a consensus as possible has been achieved. By securing public participation and stakeholder partnerships, Hydro-Québec encourages communities to be involved in project planning and in creating the conditions that will make the projects accessible and mutually beneficial.

Every year, over 100 projects undergo a public participation process. In the project development stage, we implement the host community information and consultation procedures and improve them as needed. This enables us to enhance projects and tailor them to local realities.

Operation of the Romaine complex will create one hundred new jobs in Minganie.

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