Frequently asked questions

Description of work

Why is this project necessary ?

Constantly growing demand in the regional county municipality of Charlevoix has overloaded the capacity of the existing 69-kV facilities. Due to the size of the territory, neighboring substations can no longer to relieve the area’s overloaded substations. In addition, the substation and line configuration makes it impossible to further increase capacity. All of these reasons make the construction of the planned Baie-Saint-Paul substation and supply line necessary.

When will work start ?

Construction started in September 2015. The new substation and its supply line were commissioned in October 2016.

What does the work involve ?

For the substation, the work consists of installing all equipment (transformers, circuit breakers, oil recovery separator, oil recovery basin, H-frame structures, capacitors, etc.) and constructing a control building. Substation construction requires hydraulic cranes for building the H-frames and other erected structures, dump trucks for transporting granular material and specialized trucks for transporting equipment such as transformers, components of metallic structures and conductors.

For the line, construction work includes laying foundations, assembling towers, unwinding and stringing conductors and making the connections. Line construction requires hydraulic cranes for erecting the towers, dump trucks for transporting material for the foundations, specialized trucks for transporting metallic structures and reels and tensioners for conductor stringing.

Impact of the work

Are any interruptions to electrical service planned during the work ?

No service interruption is anticipated during the work.

Will there be significant traffic from heavy machinery ?

During construction, traffic from workers, worksite machinery and heavy vehicles will be concentrated primarily on the substation access road and on the temporary road in the power line right-of-way. However, there will be occasional traffic outside these zones to deliver and distribute materials, assemble and erect equipment and unwind conductors.

Will the project have impacts on the landscape ?

On the whole, the construction and operation of Baie-Saint-Paul substation will have little impact on the natural and human environments or the landscape, since the site is relatively far from the town centre of Baie-Saint-Paul and its recreation and tourism activities.

How will this new substation benefit the population ?

In addition to meeting the growing demand for electricity in the regional county municipality of Charlevoix, this project will produce significant economic spinoffs in the region. Furthermore, the dismantling of the existing Baie-Saint-Paul and Saint-Hilarion substations as well as nearly 80 km of 69-kV line between Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs and Saint-Tite-des-Caps substations will have a positive impact on the environment.

How will vegetation be controlled around the new substation and along its supply line ?

Vegetation control will not generally be needed at the substation, since the granular ground covering is not favorable for plant growth. During the normal operation of the substation, selective applications of herbicides may be required at one- to three-year intervals. In the areas of the substation where vegetation can be tolerated, manual mowing can be carried out two or three times a year. For the line, a few years after the initial clearing of the right-of-way, a specialized team will evaluate and prescribe the appropriate vegetation control methods.

Who do we contact ?

Who do we contact if we have questions or concerns during the work ?

You can reach us anytime through the Info-project Line: 418 845-7417 or, toll-free, 1 855 845-7417. Please leave a message with your contact information and we will call back as soon as possible.