Ongoing and future work


November–December 2015

Control building construction and civil work (formwork, excavation, backfill, etc.) continue. Work is progressing well, and according to schedule. Heavy vehicle traffic continues be present, but is concentrated primarily on the upper portion of Côte de Pérou.

September–October 2015

Land clearing crews are on-site. Their work consists of felling the trees along the route of the planned substation access road and in the right-of-way for the planned line.

The planned work also includes the construction of foundations to anchor the structures and the new control building.

Overview of the substation jobsite
Increased heavy machinery traffic will be present during the construction work.
About 50 workers are on the site daily.
Construction of an oil recovery basin for accidental transformer oil spills.
Foundation ready for one of the two transformers
Construction of the substation access road