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Work progress by region


Video: Crossing the Rivière des Prairies in the Chamouchouane project

Welcome to the jobsite!

Kevin Tétreault invites us to the Rivière des Prairies crossing, where some impressive work is underway in fall 2017.

Félix Sauvé and Jean-Philippe Chouinard explain how construction began with cofferdams to allow towers to be erected in the river. The final step was unreeling the massive power lines.

Got your sea legs on?

Welcome to the jobsite!


To be built: 735-kV line (indicated in purple) and 315-kV line (in green)
Cofferdams at the planned location of future towers (red dots)
To be dismantled: 315-kV line above the river (in black)

Work in 2018

Construction of the 735-kV line, along the 40 highway, in the Hydro-Québec right-of-way, between the Bout-de-l’île substation and Boulevard Gouin, in the Rivière-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles district.

Environmental follow-up

  • An environmental specialist will be on site during the work

Expected inconveniences

  • Temporary increase in traffic
  • Use of heavy equipment for delivery of materials

Public safety

  • Presence of signalers on Boulevard Gouin during certain operations