Public consultation

Projects carried out in collaboration with affected communities

To develop the best possible power transmission project, Hydro-Québec works together with affected publics every step of the way, from the time the project is first announced to the facility’s commissioning.

For every project, Hydro-Québec sets up a public participation program to explain it, respond to stakeholders’ information needs and hear community concerns. Hydro-Québec also communicates with representatives of various levels of government, official representatives of the communities involved, property owners, residents, community organizations, contractors, suppliers and regional media.

This process helps ensure that projects are integrated harmoniously into their environment and raises the level of community acceptance. Discussions with stakeholders are helpful in determining the line route that will have the smallest social, environmental, technological and economic impact. They also contribute to ensuring that projects meet the needs and expectations of the host community.

To learn more about the public consultation process [pdf — 1.4 MB]

Bout-de-l’Île substation, Montréal.