Technical characteristics

In 2015, Hydro-Québec proposed a line route and consulted community representatives, concerned landowners and the general public to learn their concerns and hear their comments.

Hydro-Québec was accordingly able to improve the project and now proposes a slightly modified line route that better meets community expectations.

Study area and planned route

From Les Cèdres substation to Dorion substation (segment 1)

This 7-km segment will run along the existing line between Les Cèdres and Dorion substations. This route has the advantage of grouping Hydro-Québec’s lines in a single corridor.

Planned right-of-way – segment 1

From Dorion substation to Vaudreuil-Soulanges substation (segment 2)

Hydro-Québec favors reusing existing rights-of-way to avoid impacts associated with opening a new line corridor. For this segment, which will be about 8.5 km long, the proposed solution is to dismantle the existing line, which is supported by wooden H-frames, and rebuild it on double-circuit steel towers in the same right-of-way.

Planned right-of-way – segment 2

Ericsson supply

Hydro-Québec will also build a 3.5-km line segment from the new Langlois–Vaudreuil-Soulanges line to the Ericsson facility at 3500A rue F.-X.-Tessier in Vaudreuil-Dorion.

This line segment will begin as an overhead line near Montée Labossière and run for about 3 km, crossing Highway 40, to an overhead-underground junction substation south of the Joseph-Carrier industrial park just east of Montée Cadieux. From there it will run underground to the Ericsson connection point, since there isn’t enough room in the industrial park for an overhead line.

This line segment will be built in the coming years, depending on growth in the customer’s needs.

Planned right-of-way – Ericsson supply

Angle tower

The new line will be supported mainly by reduced-footprint towers, like those illustrated above. However, more robust supports will be used in certain places.

Planned angle tower (in French only)