Operating a power system means facing many challenges: aging assets, growing demand and the proliferation of operating constraints. As the owner-operator of a very extensive grid, Hydro-Québec has developed maintenance strategies and innovative robotic tools to keep facilities running smoothly and extend their useful life.

Preventive robotics

Hydro-Québec has solid expertise in using robotics to inspect and maintain power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure: overhead and underground lines, transformer substations, hydraulic turbines, underwater civil engineering structures, etc. Designed to ensure the reliability and long-term operability of facilities and equipment, our technologies meet the most stringent asset management standards.

Key advantages:

  • Increased productivity compared to other inspection and repair methods
  • Reduced downtime
  • Nondestructive in situ evaluations
  • Accurate diagnosis to aid in decision making
  • Reduced costs through deferred capital spending