Nature and cost of the work

What are the advantages of the new system that will be installed?

With the installation of the new lifting mechanism on the La Gabelle spillway, each gate will have its own lifting system. Previously, a single system had to be moved laterally to operate the gates. The new system will offer increased flexibility and reliability.

What is the service life of the new mechanism?

The lifting mechanism installed on the La Gabelle generating station spillway will have a useful life of 60 years.

What will be the visual impact of the new structure being installed?

The new structure, which will replace the trolley hoist, will be about 5 metres (16.5 ft.) higher, but will optimize the management of the gates. The control building that will be built on the spillway will have a footprint of about 3.5 m x 6 m (11 ft. x 20 ft.), reducing the space available on the lookout. There will be no impact on traffic lanes and pedestrian pathways.

What is the cost of the work?

The cost for refurbishing the spillway lifting mechanism at La Gabelle generating station is close to $40 million.

Impact on access to road link

Why close the road link during the work?

Due to the nature of the refurbishment work on the spillway lifting mechanism at La Gabelle generating station, the road link must be closed to ensure the safety of the public and of workers on the jobsite.

Will the road link be accessible during certain periods?

Hydro-Québec is aware of the impact of its work on the road link’s users. The work schedule was optimized allow users to access the road link as much as possible, while complying with jobsite requirements and rules for ensuring the safety of the public and workers.

Can cyclists and pedestrians use the road link during the periods closed to vehicle traffic?

When the road link is closed, it is closed for all types of users—car and ATV drivers, cyclists and pedestrians—to ensure the safety of the public and of workers on the jobsite. During the main work, from June 2016 to December 2017, the road link will be open during the 2016 and 2017 construction holidays and the 2016 Christmas holiday period.

What is the exact schedule of the closure?

The scheduled closure of the road link varies depending on the nature of the work and the requirements at the different stages of the construction project. A detailed schedule, which is updated regularly, is available on the Road link tab.